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Friday, June 25, 2010

A win is a win is a win eh

Hit a small one but its a 1st this week been runnin a lil bad ( alot bad ) so ill take this as a sign of things to come.

This guy in 2nd really had a hard on for me too. Just goes to show ya dont get emotional about it eh... we were down to Six and 1 from the money and hes still pushin. happened to be against me an he shoves.. i had a hand an said something like he dont know hes one from the money, kinda dumb to be actin like that when there are 3 short stacks hangin on and your over here just shoving.. against #3. Keepin EVERYONE out of the hand.. Then he started keying on me.. Lol i just played my normal tight game and when i did have a hand i let him shove.. lol he did that twice before he stopped that so then im chip leader... lol heheh and in the final heads up he had ak he lets me see the flop .. he hits nada and my 6s hold up... next hand he shoves with only 700 left i call and he has aq and i flop a pr of 5s.. he was steamin after that eh?...

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