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Saturday, June 26, 2010

poker or not poker

Typical On line poker? or typical poker? Im small blind with AA a donkey makes it 3x ( hes holding KQ off lol ) big stack is next he all ins ( not a bad move with KK. you dont want any callers looking up an ace) I go with my AA short stacked But then the world goes fuzzy and ... I lose when the case king hits the flop.. Unreal i actually thought an ace was going to river ( happens like that on line you know ) SO what are the odds? AA should win 83% of the time KK 10% and the other donk an unbelievable 6%. Funny thing is tho it SEEMS to happen more. i dont know how to even calculate the odds of these 3 hands happening at all. im sure they are up in the 100000 to 1 chances. whatdaya think? What really bugs me is this knocked me out 14th. But a win here would have put me on track to final table this. After playing for so long and making the most of my hands boom it takes it from you. I went from making 10x roi to 1 x..saddens me. but i will get over it!... (A 1 outer ) sheesh!

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