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Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Picks for Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, 12/28

Taking these teams today and Pittsburgh for the night game -3.5
 Detroit Lions+7.5 (even)
 New York Giants-3 (-105)
 San Diego Chargers+1 (-110)
 Miami Dolphins-6.5 (-110)
 New England Patriots-6 (-110).

I may have some NBA later too!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

2 of 2 and one to go! And that one is looking good for the early games.. Here are my late picks

My evening NBA are:
Atlanta -4.5 ( thinking of buying a  point )
Philly +10
Brooklyn -2.5
Ohio - 18
hope all is good Cya tomorrow

Cool Page to check NBA stats

Went 3-1 yesterday

Is it me or does Rondo SUCK? ( the game i lost was Dallas ) Yep Rondo sucks!.. That is why the Celts sucked ( or one reason eh ).. lol

Today i have some early best as well with some late when i hit these.. or not.. lol

In Ncaa:
Miami - 3.5
Virginia Tech +3.5 ( buy a .5 point )
Early Nba
I am taking Toronto and buying 2 points.
Toronto +6.5.
I can not believe how bad Rondo is.. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Simple continued

I am taking Dallas -12 and then Phoenix -4. Oh and Cleveland -4  shes got it in under the wire

Keeping it simple today

Brooklyn +2.5

Today i am keeping it simple!


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! 12/25/14

You know there are 5 games in the NBA today eh?

I like

Wash -5
San Antone -5
Cleveland -5.5
Chicago -9.5 (Buying a point)
G state + thats right + 1.5

I will also Parley these and buy a teaser.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

4 out of 5 yesterday. Today a short list of games

I bought a half point on each of these games.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Sacramento Kings12/18/14 22:05 EST
Sacramento Kings -6 (-110)

New Orleans Pelicans vs Houston Rockets12/18/14 20:35 EST
New Orleans Pelicans +4.5 (-110)

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Golden State Warriors12/18/14 22:35 EST
Oklahoma City Thunder +3 (-110)

Also i played a parlay and a teaser with these 3.

Good Luck AIght.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Crazy 7 team parley and 2 straight up tonight! 12/17... lets get lucky!

Today i have a 7 team parlay and 2 straight up bets.
Here we go!:
Phoenix -2
Indy +11.5

And the following Parlay.
This is paying 75 to 1.
Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors12/17/14 20:05 EST
Brooklyn Nets +11.5 (-110)
Dallas Mavericks vs Detroit Pistons12/17/14 19:35 EST
Dallas Mavericks -7 (-110)
Houston Rockets vs Denver Nuggets12/17/14 22:35 EST
Houston Rockets -2.5 (-110)
Indiana Pacers vs Los Angeles Clippers12/17/14 22:35 EST
Indiana Pacers +11.5 (-110)
Milwaukee Bucks vs Portland Trail Blazers12/17/14 22:05 EST
Milwaukee Bucks +9.5 (-110)
Phoenix Suns vs Charlotte Hornets12/17/14 19:05 EST
Phoenix Suns -2 (-110)
Utah Jazz vs Miami Heat12/17/14 19:35 EST
Miami Heat -4 (-110)
Lets get Lucky!

2 late picks are SMU and Cinci in ncaab

Monday, December 15, 2014

5 for 5 yesterday!

today i have nfl:
i took
The bears +3.5

In the NBA :
I took
Chicago +3.5 I bought a point
And Milwaukee  +5.5

Rock On good Luck!

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Another bad night.. lol WTF?

Not only are the better teams not covering.. they are losing the game!.. lol things will turn soon I'm sure.. They have Xmas and other items on their mind maybe..
Here are my picks for today in the NFL:

Pittsburg -3
Giants -7
and the late game..
Denver -4.5

NBA tonight
Golden  St -5.5
Lakers - 2.5
 good luck!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Well yesterday sucked,, 2-5,, but,

That usually means you do well the next day but don't bet it.. lol Well in my case that what happens.. Today NBA my picks:

Detroit Pistons vs Sacramento Kings12/13/14 22:05 EST
Sacramento Kings -6 (-110)
Los Angeles Clippers vs Milwaukee Bucks12/13/14 19:35 EST
Los Angeles Clippers -5 (-110)
Memphis Grizzlies vs Philadelphia 76ers12/13/14 19:35 EST
Memphis Grizzlies -10.5 (-110)
Portland Trail Blazers vs Indiana Pacers12/13/14 19:05 EST
Portland Trail Blazers -5 (-110)

I particularly like the sac kings game.. if the early ones do well i may double up late on this game. I think Det won the only game they will win on this trip.. lol Did Pho have food poisoning er something?
 I think Port will get back on track also. Memph at Philly.. ok,, Same with the clips..
I may have some Ncaab later also.. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Sorry i have been busy with the holiday thing and other stuff. Today picks for me are:

Lol as a parley it is 7500!!... lol But there is one in every crowd..

Portland Trail Blazers+2.5 (-110)
 Los Angeles Clippers-2.5 (-110)
 Philadelphia 76ers+7.5 (-110)
 Oklahoma City Thunder-9 (-110)
 Cleveland Cavaliers+2.5 (-110)
 Miami Heat+1.5 (-110)
 Phoenix Suns-9.5 (-110

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Slim pickins for a Thursday ..

I am betting:

Indy +8.5. Why you ask? Because they cover on 2nd game west road trips..

Knicks +7.5.., I keep thinking they are going to show up.. and i like the points at home.

Iowa State -6.5. Because Arkansas ain't played nobody.

Don't forget to donate top left if your a winner!.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Today i have:
Chicago -2.5
Memphis -4
Toronto -4
 Central FLa +6.5

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Worked out ok yesterday.. Lost the teaser ( last second worthless shot ) Philly. For a very small bet but won the 2 Other team bets Atlanta and Clippers.

Today i have a "mixed bag" lol
Its better than it sounds. Lol

NBA: I took San antone alone -6.5 I bought a point.

Then i parley them and Cini, Minn.
San Antonio Spurs vs Boston Celtics11/30/14 13:05 EST
San Antonio Spurs -7.5 (-115)
Carolina Panthers vs Minnesota Vikings11/30/14 13:00 EST
Minnesota Vikings -2.5 (-115)
Cincinnati Bengals vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers11/30/14 13:00 EST
Cincinnati Bengals -4.5 (-110)  

Then a teaser

Carolina Panthers vs Minnesota Vikings11/30/14 13:00 EST
Minnesota Vikings +3.5 (-115)
Cincinnati Bengals vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers11/30/14 13:00 EST
Cincinnati Bengals +1.5 (-110)
Cleveland Browns vs Buffalo Bills11/30/14 13:00 EST
Buffalo Bills +2.5 (-105)
Washington Redskins vs Indianapolis Colts11/30/14 13:00 EST
Washington Redskins +15 (-110)

Then individual bets on Cinc and Minn.

With some wins here there will be more bets later... Both Nba and Nfl.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

NCAA gurrr.. Recovery mode

I am taking a teaser:
Charlotte Hornets vs Atlanta Hawks11/29/14 19:35 EST
Atlanta Hawks -2 (-110)
Dallas Mavericks vs Philadelphia 76ers11/29/14 19:05 EST
Dallas Mavericks -7.5 (-110)
Los Angeles Clippers vs Utah Jazz11/29/14 21:05 EST
Los Angeles Clippers -0.5 (-110)

And Atlanta Buy themselves -6.5 ( bought .5 point )
If win
The clips

Well only 1 for 3 yesterday

Today i have NCAA Football.
I have
Rice +7
Georga Tech + 11 ( 13 )
Louisville - 13 ( 12.5 )

I took a parley small bet with these then also a 6 point teaser so.
The teaser looks like this:

Georgia Tech vs Georgia11/29/14 12:00 EST
Georgia Tech +17 (-110)
Kentucky vs Louisville11/29/14 12:00 EST
Louisville -7 (-110)
Rice vs Louisiana Tech11/29/14 12:00 EST
Rice +13.5 (-110)

All noon games so check back for NBA tonight and maybe 2 other NCAAF games..

Friday, November 28, 2014

5 for 5 Yesterday!

Well I hit every game and parley yesterday! A very nice feeling around the beginning of the 4th quarter. And it was not the beer!..

Did you get in on it?

If you need a place or a way to bet  click on The Carbon ad on the left side below the donate button.

And if you have been hitting with me be sure to use said donate button.. lol

If you have any issues with the sign up process drop me a line i can help.  My picks: Early are:
Chicago-4 and this 5 point teaser. ill be taking the teams later as single bets also.. probably.
 Portland Trail Blazers+2 (-110)
 New York Knicks+13 (-110)
 Los Angeles Clippers+2 (-110)
 Atlanta Hawks+2.5 (-110)
 Golden State Warriors-4 (-115)
 Chicago Bulls+1 (-110)

Now that Chicago hit i want to bet 1.5 bets on the G state - 8 game that goes at 6

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to all!.

Today i am playing
Detroit - 7
Philly +3.5
Seattle +1.5

and a small parley of those 3

AND a 6.5 point Teaser of those 3
In that 6.5  it gives me these lines:

Det -.5 SO they win your in
Philly + 10.. God id like to bet on just that
And Seattle +8...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11/26 Lets GO!

 Louisville-24 (-110)
Cleveland State vs Louisville
November 26, 2014 19:00 EST
 Philadelphia 76ers+300
Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers
November 26, 2014 19:05 EST
 Portland Trail Blazers-6 (-110)
Portland Trail Blazers vs Charlotte Hornets
November 26, 2014 19:05 EST
 Golden State Warriors-9 (-110)
Golden State Warriors vs Orlando Magic
November 26, 2014 19:05 EST
 Washington Wizards+7 (-110)
Washington Wizards vs Cleveland Cavaliers
November 26, 2014 19:05 EST

These Being my Parley and my individual picks. That 5 game parley is 52-1.

Philly past due,
Portland on a roll playing another bad team,
G state On Fire!
Wash Getting 7... eh?
Louisville , well somebody told me to. lol 
What do you all think?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

NBA 11/25

All righty , My picks are :
Washington- 3.5  ( bought a half point ) line is now 4.5
Golden state - 7.5
New Orleans -4. I know the line is currently at 5.5. I bought it this morning.

My Thoughts,
Washington playing well at home should control Atlanta.
Golden state. Should out run a slow aging Miami team.
New Orleans, They beat sac-town last week out there. I see no reason they can not do at least as well at home.

I have opened my page up for Donations if you care to the button is Top left

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ummm wait ... hold on ..,,, i have my hand in the air... ok im eating crow.. LOL... While i am i wanna say what i think went wrong... i got to full of myself as i was on a good run and bet a bunch of games i thought were good.. not considering all the facts... Do not be suprised if everything scales down for a while here. the best service ive ever had only bet 3 games a week... tellin ya there is an art to this. ill be back..
I have some wild stuff today.
1st though i am betting Portland -12.5 @ Philly and
The Clips -5 @ Charlotte.. Those 2 early (6 pm ).
Then Dallas -13.5 Home Vs the Pacers and
west coast i am taking Chicago -2.5 Vs Utah.
Now the wild part: lol
I have a parley for these 6 teams the 4 winners listed above and Orlando +9 and Houston -6.5. to make a 6 game parley for 40 times the bet.
Then i took those same 6,
Portland, Clippers, Dallas, Chicago,Orlando and Houston
On a 4 point teaser so now i am getting these teams @ 6 times the bet and man does that look attractive!.
Chicago Bulls vs Utah Jazz11/24/14 21:05 EST
Chicago Bulls +1.5 (-110)
Indiana Pacers vs Dallas Mavericks11/24/14 20:35 EST
Dallas Mavericks -9.5 (-110)
Los Angeles Clippers vs Charlotte Hornets11/24/14 19:05 EST
Los Angeles Clippers -1 (-110)
New York Knicks vs Houston Rockets11/24/14 20:05 EST
Houston Rockets -2.5 (-110)
Orlando Magic vs Cleveland Cavaliers11/24/14 19:05 EST
Orlando Magic +13 (-110)
Portland Trail Blazers vs Philadelphia 76ers11/24/14 19:05 EST
Portland Trail Blazers -8.5 (-110)

If only this hits I get my 6 bets 4 teams then the parley and the teaser!.. If all hit? i get 50x the bet. Wish me well.. lol

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Today I like indy-13.5,, new eng-6.5 ( buy a point ) and denver - 6.5. Denver looks like the best bet today. And evening I like the cowboys run game on a cold maybe wet New York night.
NBA im betting Portland -5.5

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tonight's picks for me are : Washington -3. I bet this early just now in fact because I think the line will go up. Probably to -5 by game time. Get it early! This is the only nba game I am betting but I do like Toronto over the Cavs. Toronto getting 3. ?? What!  Lol well the cavs have lost a few in
A row now I guess they are thinking they are due.. Yeah well that works against shitty teams but not gonna happen vs Toronto.  But again I am not on it lol. I may have some NCAA football in a bit. Check back.

Friday, November 21, 2014

My picks today 11/21

Dam chiefs... Well I hit the other 3 picks last night. Tonight I have washington+2 and Memphis -6.5. That is all I've got now but I may add some later check back eh.  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Picks for 11/20

Thursday night Football eh
I am taking the chiefs -6.5 The line is 7.5 so id rather buy a point and win than them win the game by 7 an lose my bet. It may be a blow out but i try to be safe and smart on teams that are "DUE TO WIN ONE" ... lol.

NBA tonight:

I think Wade is out or may play coming off a hammy i like the Clipps here !:
Clipps - 2.5 it is at 3.5 now and if it goes to 4 or 4.5 i am buying the points to get it under 3.. lol

Chicago won their road trip game vs said clips.. But they dont win BtB Road games i am taking Sactown -1.

As i look at this i like them as a cheap 3 team parley!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Poker Stars purchaced