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Monday, November 24, 2014

I have some wild stuff today.
1st though i am betting Portland -12.5 @ Philly and
The Clips -5 @ Charlotte.. Those 2 early (6 pm ).
Then Dallas -13.5 Home Vs the Pacers and
west coast i am taking Chicago -2.5 Vs Utah.
Now the wild part: lol
I have a parley for these 6 teams the 4 winners listed above and Orlando +9 and Houston -6.5. to make a 6 game parley for 40 times the bet.
Then i took those same 6,
Portland, Clippers, Dallas, Chicago,Orlando and Houston
On a 4 point teaser so now i am getting these teams @ 6 times the bet and man does that look attractive!.
Chicago Bulls vs Utah Jazz11/24/14 21:05 EST
Chicago Bulls +1.5 (-110)
Indiana Pacers vs Dallas Mavericks11/24/14 20:35 EST
Dallas Mavericks -9.5 (-110)
Los Angeles Clippers vs Charlotte Hornets11/24/14 19:05 EST
Los Angeles Clippers -1 (-110)
New York Knicks vs Houston Rockets11/24/14 20:05 EST
Houston Rockets -2.5 (-110)
Orlando Magic vs Cleveland Cavaliers11/24/14 19:05 EST
Orlando Magic +13 (-110)
Portland Trail Blazers vs Philadelphia 76ers11/24/14 19:05 EST
Portland Trail Blazers -8.5 (-110)

If only this hits I get my 6 bets 4 teams then the parley and the teaser!.. If all hit? i get 50x the bet. Wish me well.. lol

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