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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11/26 Lets GO!

 Louisville-24 (-110)
Cleveland State vs Louisville
November 26, 2014 19:00 EST
 Philadelphia 76ers+300
Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers
November 26, 2014 19:05 EST
 Portland Trail Blazers-6 (-110)
Portland Trail Blazers vs Charlotte Hornets
November 26, 2014 19:05 EST
 Golden State Warriors-9 (-110)
Golden State Warriors vs Orlando Magic
November 26, 2014 19:05 EST
 Washington Wizards+7 (-110)
Washington Wizards vs Cleveland Cavaliers
November 26, 2014 19:05 EST

These Being my Parley and my individual picks. That 5 game parley is 52-1.

Philly past due,
Portland on a roll playing another bad team,
G state On Fire!
Wash Getting 7... eh?
Louisville , well somebody told me to. lol 
What do you all think?

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