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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Scumbag romack Sunday

Hey im a weiner... not really... check us out at virgopoker to join. We play every Sunday morning at 9 am CST ( sometimes at 10am cst )

Well they are cheating stealing scumbags by their own admission!... Gypsy's thief's and tramps... But i got pissed about loosing with pkt rockets on a cash table and just went off on these worthless mo fuckrz... Excuse me if I'm being a little brash here but you don't see all the shit i gotta go through to make sure only players that should be in the tourny get the password and here comes these scumbags EVERY FUCKING WEEK signing up with new accounts to try to "steal" when they could just do the right thing which is sign up through the links and don't give out the password.. They would rather steal it... so i gotta go through this shit that they cause... Anyway good game to those of you who can avoid the stoopid shit they do and still enjoy the game. sorry if you cant .. i try to provide a good fair game to all MY clients..

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