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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bad beat so close i could sniff it

I got paid for being on the same steak table 2x but wow i about threw up. 1 hand be4 they stopped the tables an said the Bad Beat was hit i had JJ i shove AI and get called by a guy with AKh the flop goes JhQhJc ( i throw up ) turn Qs river 2d... ok but then 1 hand later the Bad beat window pops up i swear i had to go back an look again to make sure it wasnt me... And i got 4 tables open ( they were halted tho ) Oh an this guy "whynot89" that did hit i played with for hours at a few table in the last 2 days.. happy for him but dammmm $190k that could change a few things eh... i got a measly $414 ( 2 limit tables ) it paid 207 each.. wish i had screen shots but like i said i was freekin.. lol

Congratulations to the latest Bad Beat Jackpot winner WHYNOT89 who hit the jackpot on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 12:42:02 AM ET to the tune of $190,693.82!

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