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Monday, January 4, 2010

My Biggest win yet! 1/3

Wow just got done winning .. I said Winning $1676 + 9 $10 KO's Total $1766. In the Doyle's 10k Bounty. I have to go to bed now an get up for work in 3 hours so ill cut it short but here's the pics!.

Handsome ain't I? And the totals + $90 i think for the ko's @ $10 each and maybe $10 more cause i got my own bounty back ( i didn't get ko'd )... Also i got in this tourney off a qualifier for $ 6.20 that's $2.20 buy in a $2.00 re buy and a $2.00 add on.

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Its been a long day g night and play well.

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