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Friday, January 22, 2010

Maybe my worst bad beat

I ( 1bigpoker1 ) don't usually post or cry about this kinda stuff but ... this is a mean one: I'm in a qualifier I get 77 in the big, Everyone folds except the small who raised 1x (300) I call, He had 9750 in chips i had 15750 I was in 1st place, paying 8 spots. Anyway the flop goes 7KJ all clubs, Great i hit my set but a lot of clubs eh. He checks i fire a pot bet of 3300, He calls uh oh... the Turn is the King of D !!! hit my boat ... great!!!.. He min bets 300 i bet 5700 more which is what i thought he had but he had 125 more an he threw it in, i call.. he Flips AQclubs for the flush... Cool... The river...... (Sheeeeeeiiit! !) of Clubs for the Royal Flush.... I crawl back some but end up out of the money..

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