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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Virgopoker Sunday Freeroll 10/4

All new, but the same old story with people bustin into the game. This weeks winners / Cheaters ,,, God dam they give me a headache. this sis supposed to be fun but fighting with all these aholes that just wanna get in the game via fake sign ups is just getting on my nerves. Whats so bad about it is sometimes there is real people that can get over looked because I'm dealing with the scumbags. If they aint multi accounting giving them selves themselves an extra set of chips or two then they are passing out the password to everyone in the town. Look if your from Romania I'm not sending you the password. If you don't want me to get rude done even ask for it. Got good! I said it I meant it, I'm gonna represent it.! If i miss you because I'm trying to keep them out email me again. ill try to confirm you. Thanks for your patients. Send your friends to Virgopoker ( unless they are cheating Romanians ) Thx

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