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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Virgopoker Sunday Free roll 3/20/11

Hey how u doin? lol.. This weeks winners are posted to the left in the screen shot. GGa.. I do wonder tho why some people feel the need to be such aho'z. I mean its a game and this game is supposed to be a friendly game.. and yet we got people in there saying die!? lol GROW THE FUCK UP! Its a poker game I'm going to go about banning people who are over the line so if you have any complains get a screen shot and send it to me through the mail link on . i am sorry to everyone else for who had to listen to that immature dirt bag. put him on (ignor ) i will do what i can to block his entry. Some of these other peeps are on the borderline too.
Also we will be moving the time to 8 pm on Sundays for the Apr- June Games Starting ( April 3rd) . Also making it a unlimited re buy for a buck, and a add-on at the end of the hour.

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