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Monday, September 13, 2010

Won the $1250.. AGAIN..

Man i sucked out all the way to the win too!.. now i know what the other side lives like.. LOL! Such hands like A7o wins Vs AKs When i pop a 7. ,,, QTs vs AQo pop a TEN.. I was the lucky donk TODAY lol.. Welp GG me. Another wierd thing was i was messing with the windows drivers tring to get a video capture thing to get audio and i thought i messed em up so all during the tourny i was loggin off an restarting the pc.. and didnt have any sound this morning.. 3 hours in i noticed that the power to the speakers was off.. musta knocked off the plug plugging in the "VCR" then i settled in a played poker..
Im thinking about splitting the Sunday freeroll and adding some money then making it Sunday and Wednesday Whatcha think?

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