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Friday, December 4, 2009

Donkey Of The Day.. But not scum of the earth ( we know who that is )

See below. Ace 5 no great hand but have position with nothing goin on i raise to 5x the bb. Donkey calls over there with QJo.. not so so bad ( dumb ass really). Flop is 9A8 rainbow..I hit my ace,, i bet half the pot Ahole comes over the top all in needing an inside straight as in 4 outs.. 12 to 1 card odds vs even money about pot odds What an asshole.. Of course merge sees fit to give it to the fuckin asshole because if a bad player wins they stay around and make the site more money. where as if the good players win, well then the bad player leave cause they cant win... its a fucked up world eh. He shoulda been romainian...

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