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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Freeroll 9/6

Sho was fun after a bad few day of Unreal hits. For instance, Last night i played 3 tournys all got inside 20th then got ko'd with the best of it by 2 and 3 outers.. I was begining to believe its all BS. i mean can that happen? What are the odds of that? In 3 hours just taking beats like that BS.. From bad calls. Chasers. I looked up online random BS.. Frustrated. I think i read something that may point us in the right direction. The ipod random shuffle people were complaining that songs would come up back to back so apple make it "less random" so it wouldnt happen as much. I think Either on line poker should do that or they are doing that and should stop. There is defenatly something going on with it. When you see donkees just throw money at the pot and beat very long odds to win consistantly. It becomes a sickness. As they get lucky and win they do it more and ruin the true odds of the game. Which are questionable at this point from the number of times you see it happen.... i say Write your congressman.. Cause they will do as much as the poker sites will!... NOTHING!.. Have a good one, Dont forget to get a friend to join us at

Wild game today had that Royal on the Table. Longest game 2:16. I personally enjoyed my play. (see Winner ) lol. Final 4 was a claw fest. With Shadow aces comming up short.. Cold carded i suppose. Better luck next week. Today one our our regulars is playing in the 50k. Check her out it is AirBornQueen. i am Rooting her on!... Go Baby Go!.. Check out the bonus info at real money account

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