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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hi This weeks freeroll was won by Jdefe32. Tough player ive seen him play consistantly well. Great job my friend! Hope to see you all next week and bring a friend. send them to click on the tags for PDC poker or Carbon and sign up then come back and drop us a like with you handle to we can send you the password every week.
I went out early this week 16th out of 19 when my QJ hit a 37q flop i called down Randothedevil to the all in and he had me with KQ. 2 pr woulda been perfect to pop him but it "wasnt in the cards" Lol hope to see you next week at the Sunday freeroll!
Did you know you can also sign up at any of the sites on and we will still send you the password every week to play on PDC/ Carbon? We will! Get your friends to join! Find out who is the best poker player each week. Earn them braging rights!. Have good one!

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